Thursday, July 28, 2005

Exploding Sink

So last night at about nine when it was 110 degrees in our kitchen my husband decided to take one for the team and get some dishes done. We have a/c in the bedroom and the attic and that means that the rest of the apartment is usually god-awful in the summertime. Last night was no different.

I of course let him take the bullet because as I think I already mention somewhere, I’m no hero. So he’s in the kitchen and I’m in the bedroom reading and all of a sudden:

Husband: Gah! (splashing water sounds)

Me: What the hell? (goes into kitchen to find husband, floor and countertops covered in water) What happened?

Husband: It fell off!

Me: What fell off?

Husband: The sink! The sink thing fell off!

I looked and sure enough the thing the water comes out of had somehow unscrewed itself from the sink top and fallen in with the dirty dishes.

Me: How did it fall off?

Husband: How should I know?

Me: Can you get it back on?

Husband: I dunno. We might have to call a plumber.

Me: It’s late.

Husband: Tomorrow then. Let me just try something…

I started wiping the floor as he attempted to screw the thing back on. Eventually it took but we have to be gentle with the sink now until a plumber can come take a look.

As we stood gazing at our new nemesis I commented, “Well, at least the floor’s now clean.”

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Anonymous said...

Adorable story.