Tuesday, August 16, 2005

The Days of Wine and Cheese

We finally got cable in the attic so we can rot our brains in the cool, cool luxury of air conditioning, as opposed to the sweltering misery of the living room. (Over the last month, we’ve had more hundred-degree days than should be natural.) Of course, now that we’ve got cable upstairs, we’ve totally lost the remote. It’s like finally getting the right prescription for a pair of reading glasses and then refusing to learn to read, except in this case we’ve lost the ability to read. You’d think we might be more capable than this, huh? Turns out not.

In other news I’ve been making this homemade salsa lately and it rules. It’s like a summer alternative to nachos for dinner. Tonight, though, I finished the salsa and have had to supplement with a little cheddar and glass of pinot grigio.

Finally, it turns out that the Walken thing was a hoax and it makes me want to weep the sad, sad tears of a woman who wanted to wear a Vote Walken! button.

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