Monday, August 22, 2005

Flying Spaghetti Monster Strikes Again!

From the Associated Press: TBILISI, Georgia - "Archaeologists in the former Soviet republic of Georgia have unearthed a skull they say is 1.8 million years old and part of a find that holds that oldest traces of humankind's closest ancestors ever found in Europe."

Don't worry, though. It has nothing to do with evolution - it's just that pesky FSM again.

In other news my weekend was great. I played bingo with the seniors again yesterday and man are they fun. One woman at my table kept falling asleep and so I'd sort of nudge her a little and wake her up to keep playing. The problem is that she's pretty deep into Alzheimer's so when I'd get her awake again and say, "Come on, we're playing bingo here," she'd look at me in shock and say, "Bingo? I've got Bingo?!" Then she'd fall asleep again.

Another lady who was sort of hanging out in the hallway kept giving me the evil eye and yelling that she's seen me on her lawn earlier that day. I tried to make her understand that she was probably thinking of someone else but she just kept yelling, "Wait til the nurse comes, then we'll see who's lying!"

The problem with this is that she totally reminded me of my grandma who was also a "take no shit" kind of lady. Whenever she suspected one of us grandkids of messing around she'd give us that same evil eye and make us stick out our tongues (if we were lying there would be a line down the retrospect I can't believe that worked for as long as it did) and then yell that we were lying.

So when the lady was screaming at me those old childhood feelings of guilt came back and I wanted to confess that I had been on her lawn earlier but I was really sorry about it. Luckily, a nurse came by and I was rescued without much more drama. There should maybe be a law out there protecting people from the elderly.

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