Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Total F-ing Crapfest

Yesterday was a total crap-fest. But let me start at the beginning. Last Tuesday my car, which is only about two years old, wouldn't start when I went out that morning to go to work. I tried it a couple of times to make sure it definitely wasn’t going to go and then I called AAA. While I was waiting for them, I tried it again and it worked. Deciding that it must have been a fluke, I tried not to think about and drove to work.

Then, on Sunday night I took it to rent a movie and it strands me at Blockbuster. So it’s about 4:15 and raining and humid and getting dark. I called AAA again and again I try to start it, but this time it’s giving me nothing. While I wait I call my mechanic and he tells me that they’re closing in five minutes so I shouldn’t even bother bringing there because it’ll just sit all night. I make plans to bring it in the next morning at seven when they open. All of this is made worse by the fact that the hubby is off housesitting for his parents and that puts him over an hour away.

AAA gets there finally and jumps me, I drive it home because it's late afternoon on a Sunday and the mechanic is gone for the day and Kevin is housesitting at his parents - over an hour away.

So I get it home, turn it off and try to start it up, hoping that the battery has been charged while I've been driving, but nope, I get nothing, not even the sound of it trying to start.

So in the morning one of my neighbors happens to be out, so she gives me a jump and I drive it to the mechanic. I get there at seven-fifteen.

For the next three hours I wait there while they replace the battery and discover that the alternator also needs to be replaced. Apparently, the alternator was going bad and forcing the battery to do all the work so now they’re both caput.

Finally, at 10:30 they tell me they've tracked down an alternator but they won’t be able to get it there until after two and it'll cost 400 bucks. So at this point I have to get to work and we’ve determined that it won’t be a short little fix-it deal. I call the hubby who has to drive down from his parents and give me his car so I can go to work.

And while I’m waiting this whole time I was forced to watch what passes for morning and daytime TV. Regis and Kelly has got to be about the most insipid and banal crap ever. Ever. The only thing worse might be the Tony Danza Show. Who on earth Greenlit the Tony Danza Show? Mother of God.

The highlight of my morning was when they turned the channel to Fox News so that we could watch continuous coverage of Hurricane Katrina. A woman who works in my office said that her brother lives in Louisiana and tried to evacuate into Texas, but three-quarters of the way there, they heard on the radio that Texas was no longer letting people in. I guess as long as our fearless leader was safe in Crawford the rest of the world could go screw itself.

But I digress. We picked up the car last night and five hundred dollars later it’s back in working order.

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