Friday, August 05, 2005

A Week Off – Sort Of

I haven’t been around this week because work sent me to a training program in Philly. It was a little bit like college.

In addition to learning all kinds of things about sales, management, finances, the power of persuasion and marketing, we drank like fish and danced up a storm. We visited downtown Philly, ate cheese steaks, went to a Phillies game, drank some more, ate a ton of food, sweated our asses off in the hundred degree heat while walking from the dorms to the classrooms. We sat on steps and laughed about how bad cafeteria food is, got thrown out of the Liberty Bell, sweated some more, drank some more, got lost, figured out where we needed to be, pissed off train conductors, created nicknames for each other, created new drinks, tried new drinks, waited for shuttles, and in general had a freaking awesome time.

I go back for a week next summer and if I’m lucky the rest of the group will be back, too. For now, though, my desk is fairly buckling under the weight of the work that's piled up in my absense. Back to the salt mine.

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Anonymous said...

Loving the new blog! Im glad you had such a good time in Philly. :D Hope to talk to you soon.