Monday, August 15, 2005

What's More Fun Than Laughing at Celebs?

Almost nothing. And to prove it, dear readers, I'm giving you this delectable little tidbit. Apparently, "Britney Spears' squeeze Kevin Federline wants the highly-talented chanteuse to drop her sprog on live TV, a breathless Yahoo! reports. Britney is due to eject her bun in October, and young Kev reckons - in the wake of the couple's recent ratings flop Chaotic - that the sight of the pop sensation, legs akimbo, grunting her Hollywood rugrat into the world might prove an audience-puller.

Britney is, lamentably, not so keen - not because it's about as low as you can go in terms of self-publicity - but because she's worried about how she might look on camera."

Are you ready? All together now...BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I love that she actually considered it for a second before jerking on his leash and swatting his nose with a newspaper.

It gets better, though: "Britney has agreed to allow Kevin to tape the big moment with their personal video camera, and depending on the outcome and just how difficult a time she has, she says she might reconsider and allow it to air after the fact."

There's nothing like an opportunist, is there? Now that she's a skanky ho-bag, Brit's got to do something to get herself back in the papers, and there's no better way than by selling a video of herself grunting her white-trash spawn into the world. Her parents must be so freaking proud.

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