Monday, November 21, 2005

C-SPAN Junkie

Every morning I am glued to the TV as my trusty C-SPAN newsreaders read me the news and then take calls from the public. One thing that I’m finding lately is this: The folks who call in and allege that the so-called ‘liberal media’ only delivers bad news about the war.

Here’s a question for those pro-war supporters of Bushco: The Bush Administration has planted positive news stories in the past. It’s been proven, okay? There’s no debating it. So, if they’ve done it before, surely they could do it again, yes? So why aren’t they? Or, at the very least, why aren’t the “good” news sources (i.e. The Washington Times, Fox News, etc.) fighting this good fight for the Administration?

Top Stories at

1.) Bush hits call for pullout

President Bush yesterday weighed in from half a world away on Congress' debate over the Iraq war, calling Rep. John P. Murtha a "good man" who served America with honor, but saying his proposal to immediately withdraw troops "does not make sense."

Okay, this is good. No mudslinging on the front page. He’s a good man, but the idea is misguided.

2.) Military fears critics will hurt morale

Pentagon officials say they are increasingly worried that Washington's political fight over the Iraq war will dampen what has been high morale among troops fighting a tenacious and deadly enemy.

Okay, fine. Let’s leave aside the possibility that there are soldiers out there who can think for themselves and who might not agree with why they’re in Iraq to begin with. Let’s just say for a moment that this holds water. I’m still waiting for a success story.

From here the stories on Iraq are just bulleted with no synopsis.

3.) Rumsfeld says troops must stay

Right. Troops must stay. Because of all the success.

Aaaaaand, that’s it for today. That is the extent of the front page of the Washington Times for Monday, November 21, 2005. There are a few articles in the Sunday and Saturday sections but none on the successes going on in Iraq.

Let’s look at Fox News’ top Iraq stories:

1.) Cheney Comes Out Swinging

Veep rejects call for Iraq troop withdrawal, calls some Senate Dems 'dishonest and reprehensible' for saying Bush lied about pre-war intelligence

Right, okay. I think that it’s pretty much been proven that Bush did lie about pre-war intelligence, so maybe Cheney just thinks it’s mean of the Dems to remind people that he lied. In any case I'm still waiting for the success stories.

2.) Nothing. Did you get that? There is no second story about Iraq on Fox News’ website today. Perhaps, no news is good news and that’s the successful part?

On the other hand, Arianna Huffington has been doing a tremendous job with the Russert Watch and this week is no exception. Click the link to read all about what an asshat Tim is.

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