Thursday, December 15, 2005

I love stories like this...

More Than 100 Arrested in Capitol Protest

The Associated Press
Wednesday, December 14, 2005; 7:30 PM

WASHINGTON -- U.S. Capitol Police arrested 115 religious activists who were protesting a House Republican budget plan's cuts in social programs when they refused to clear the entrance to a congressional office building Wednesday.

"These are political choices being made that are hurting low-income people," said Jim Wallis, the event's organizer and founder of the Christian ministry group Sojourners. "Don't make them the brunt of your deficit reduction and fiscal responsibility."

Wallis called the House budget plan, which would produce $50 billion in savings over five years, "the real Christmas scandal," a reference to a campaign by some conservative Christian groups against the greeting "Happy holidays" instead of "Merry Christmas."


When Christian groups start harping on meaningless details like "Happy Holidays" v. "Merry Christmas", while consistently ignoring the things that would really piss Jesus off, I begin to think that maybe the end-times really are as near as they say.

Of course, I won't be going to heaven. Not according to them. But that's okay. Can you imagine hanging out with those insufferable jackasses for all eternity? Eff that noise.

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