Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Lighting Issues

We’ve been having some serious lighting issues at our place lately. The overhead light in the dining room won’t turn on, and the overhead light in the kitchen won’t turn off. Needless to say this is a constant irritant, but we’re trying to deal as best we can. We’ve stopped turning on the kitchen light after we finally got it to turn off and we’ve put a little desk lamp on the dining room table so that we can see in there at night.

I’ve had some kind of bug since Sunday and feel absolutely rotten. It was in a daze that I watched our fearless leader give his speech on Sunday and maybe it was the drugs or my general exhaustion, but I must say, it was a good speech. That is, if you weren’t looking at him. I will never understand how his handlers haven’t trained him to stop smirking when he talks. It’s constant. And it removes any sense of sincerity.

So I kept my eyes on a little project I’m working on and just listened. And it was a good speech; whoever wrote it should be proud. The only thing that would have made the “sacrifice-starts-at-home” message credible is if he’d finished by saying, “Which is why I’m going to immediately take back those tax cuts we gave to the rich. The rich should sacrifice, too! And down with no-bid contracts! They should all have to bid! We’re not made of money, you know!”

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