Friday, January 13, 2006


Used condoms have started appearing in our parking lot again. As I think I've mentioned, I work in a pretty rough neighborhood in Jersey and security has always been an issue. The condoms first appeared last spring when it started getting warm again. But I guess because it's been such a mild winter peole are coming back to the parking lot of love. At first I was flat-out revolted that 1.) people were having sex in cars in our lot and 2.) dumping the results out of their windows and into my parking space.

Now, though, I'm starting to take a different view. If in fact there are people in this world who would actually have sex in a car in a public parking lot, then thank GOD they're not procreating. I mean, do we really want these people raising children? Instilling in them all their values and believes (one of which, presumabley, is that it's okay to have sex in a public parking lot)? No. The answer is an emphatic NO!

God Bless the non-procreators and long live the condoms of love.

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