Sunday, April 16, 2006

All Is Well

So my trip to Albany to see Joy and Katherine was great. I found the dress I'll wear to my sister's wedding (as Matron-of-Honor...god I hate the word "matron". It sounds I'm someone's great-aunt or something).

But the trip was great, I found the fab dress for the fab occassion, I got an awesome pair of fake Keds that are pink with white polka-dots and instead of laces have a piece of elastic that runs across my toes. They're totally adorable.

Also I got to help pick out stuff for Katherine's Easter basket which was very cool. I bought her a purse in the shape of a white poodle, which I promptly named Noodle the Poodle. This is of course the name of the children's book I have yet to write. Look for it in stores never.

I got back to Bloomfield around two-thirty and had plenty of time to grocery shop, do laundry, listen to music, clean the kitchen and putz around. Speaking of cleaning I am this close to hiring a cleaning lady. Just someone to come in once every two weeks and do the floors (in our case hard-wood), the kitchen, the bathroom and the dusting. We can afford it and I'm sort of just like, "why not?"

Easter Sunday has so far been very cool. My awesome husband came to church with me at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Montclair. They did child dedications (think baptism but without the original sin) and then at the end of the service we did an Earth Communion, which is where we all file out of the church itslef and get little peat cups full of soil which we then pour into the ground near a flower or tree or bush that we like, or think needs a little help, and then stand in a circle and sing the closing hymn. It was more spiritually fullfilling for me than many of the traditional Catholic Easter services that I've attended over the years.

Now we're back home, and its a beautiful day so we'll take a walk at the park we got engaged at, and we'll commune with nature and with our fat cat and with each other, and all will be well.

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