Thursday, April 13, 2006

Busy Bee

Topping off a very busy work week is a very busy weekend. I've had three events to plan and participate in ending with this morning's Meet the Buyer's Breakfast where I wore my fabulous pink jacket. I love when fashion comes together just right.

Now its 2:30 pm and I'm finishing up the details that didn't get done earlier in the week. I've missed lunch (again) but that's okay because my co-workers are big fans of celebrating every holiday with gargantuan amounts of candy. I've had my fill, I can tell you.

Tomorrow I leave bright and early to visit Joy and Katherine in Albany and can't wait to see them. I've Type-A'ed us into a plan for the weekend: Lunch at the Tea House in town, followed by window-shopping and then mineral baths and then dinner somwhere cool. Then the next day breakfast and the papers at the Daily Planet.

Then, Saturday afternoon I'll be driving back down to hang out with my awesome husband in the peace and quiet of Sussex County, New Jersey. The only thing missing will be our kitty cat, Pumpkin, a.k.a. Big Evil. "Big" because she's huge, and "Evil" because, well, she's a demon.

The weekend will be capped of course by The Sopranos, and really what could be better than the New Jersey Mafia?

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