Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Gilmore Gah!

Is it just me or have the Gilmore Girls turned into petty, manipulative, passive-agressive nitwits who let men walk all over them?

Last nights ep was utterly disappointing. Rory! You're supposed to be a mature, grown-up woman. If you have a problem with your boyfriend, TELL HIM! Don't whine to others and then bitch about random shit!

And Lorelai, your fiance has a kid he's known about for six months and in that entire time he's never introduced you. Some might find this to be a problem worth talking about but you? Not so much.

The highlight - HIGHLIGH - of the ep was seeing Jess again. Jess! Who I used to loathe. What does it say about a show when a formerly horrible character is brought back and I like him better than the main characters?


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