Sunday, April 23, 2006


My afternoon plans fell through today so since it's rainy outside I decided to move forward with a little project I'm working on. This winter I decided that it's time to paint the bathroom. The walls are in sorry shape and since we rent it is unlikely that the work will get done anytime soon unless we do it ourselves. So, since I'm rather on the handy side, I decided to go my local hardware store and get some tools and advice.

I had a long conversation with the guy who checked me out and returned home feeling pretty well prepared and able. Then I started scraping the cracked paint off and realized it was going to take me a lot longer than just a few weekends. But, I thought, this is what free time is for, right? Take it one step at a time and don't worry.

So I scraped, and scraped, and scraped and after hours of work with arms aching and lower back bellowing in pain I quit. All had been scraped. I was done. With the first part of the job. Then, coincidentally enough, that same week I met a guy who owns a painting business. We struck up a conversation about what I do and what he does and since I know a good number of people who he would like to know he decided to offer me a great deal. He would paint my bathroom for a mere 36 bucks an hour and he would provide the paint (ballerina pink, don't ask). The bathroom itself is teeny-tiny and should only take a couple of hours to do so I was thrilled!

But. I still need to finish the prep work, which brings me to this weekend. I have a long afternoon staring me in the eye so I got out my tools again and opened the can of putty to start filling the holes left by the scraping. It wasn't long before a problem arose, though. The great scraper the checkout guy sold me, which he said I could use for the putty, too, was way too big for the little can of putty. Luckily I have plenty of free samples of Clinique spreads and masques and after rooting around in my bottom bathroom drawer for a few minutes I found an anti-aging masque I've never used before. The bottom worked great at scraping the putty out and putting on the scraper.

After an hour or so I had a pretty good buzz going from the chemicals and was only half done when another problem presented itself. Not enough putty. I had only done two of the four walls yet I had no more putty to use. Good time to take a break, I thought.

After making careful note of the brand name of the putty I cleaned up my mess and sat down to check my email. I'm sharing this with you because I feel so freaking cool about scraping and puttying up my own bathroom walls. I problem solved and artfully gobbed putty into my walls and now, feeling terribly satisfied I can spend the rest of the day goofing off. Awwww, yeaaaaaah.

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