Tuesday, April 11, 2006

A Little More Gossip For the Soul

From IMDB.com
Michael Douglas is totally backpedaling away from the comments he made about Brangelina in GQ Magazine: "The movie star reportedly poured scorn on the couple's relationship in style magazine GQ, posing the question, 'I mean how long is that going to last?' Douglas now insists he was misquoted."

Sure he was. I often wonder how many of Hollywood's denizens read the tabloids and press. Half of them are probably laughing their asses off over the other half at any given moment.

And speaking of 'laughing their asses off':
Producers of Will & Grace were apparently "desperate" to get Barbara Streisand to do the series finale as Karen's sister, but she "gave them no love". I haven't been a W & G fan for about eight and a half years, so although I cannot stand Bah-bahrah and her one-final-send-off-concert-diva-fingernail-drama I think it's terribly funny that 1.) W & G are still able to book celebs on their crap-fest of a show (they finally did book Bernadette Peters to play Karen's sister, which, WHAT WERE YOU THINKING, BERNADETTE? YOU'VE BEEN ON BROADWAY! BROADWAY!) and 2.) They think they could actually get Babs. I mean, she's BABS. And you have Debra "One Face For All Emotions" Messing!

As noted above, I am laughing my ass off.

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