Monday, April 24, 2006

My Nemesis, Harry Potter

I have a confession to make. Recently I started…reading Harry Potter. I know. I know!

I’ve been resisting a long time. Kids would tell me how great they were and I’d think, thanks but I’ve got adult books to read and no I don’t mean it like that. Then adults would tell me how great they are and I’d think, yeah, well, I’m a REAL adult, so yap that somewhere else.

And then…well, I got sucked in. I love my books-on-tape and the library was out of everything I was even remotely interested in. I go to small-ish libraries and even in the best library the book-on-tape section isn’t all that great. All that was left on the shelf was Harry Potter and the Freaking Sorcerer’s Stone.

Not only did I finish it in a week, but I went out today and got Harry Potter and the Freaking Chamber of Secrets. I’m a lost cause, y’all. A convert. It's a sad day for this muggle.

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