Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Bluebell Madonna Haliwell

You read that right. Former Spice Girl (Ginger Spice, if you must know), Geri Halliwell has just given birth to her first child and named her Bluebell Madonna Halliwell. It's a sad day when after reading this the first thing I thought was, "That Sean Preston Spears Federline is one lucky kid."

Add one more name to the list of kids who in twenty years will have death grudges against their parents for giving them the Worst Names Ever. Other kids on that list? Apple Martin, Phinneaus and Hazel Moder, Suri Cruise, Alizeh Keshvar, Kian William & Kaiis Steven (kids of Geena Davis & Reza Jarrahy), and Homer Gere, just to name a few.

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