Friday, May 12, 2006

Mad Hot Ballroom

I finally rented (through NetFlix, natch) Mad Hot Ballroom almost a year after someone recommended it to me and I have to tell you - it was fabulous. There are a few slow moments, but watching these inner city kids learn the dancing steps and then watching them compete for a pretty big prize, see them invest all this time and effort into getting things just was amazing.

And not only that, but they also do interviews with these kids (most of whom are in the 10-11 year old range) and they very honestly discuss the things they think about and how they feel about the opposite sex and what they think when their parents fight or get separated. They were way more perceptive and articulate than I think I was at that age.

Favorite dancer: tiny boy with curly just go be an architect and don't worry that you didn't win. You were perfect. And so solemn I wanted to cry.

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