Tuesday, June 06, 2006


The last four days have been exhausting, sweaty, muddy, buggy, and full of horrible little details. The chamber hosted the first annual festival of wine this weekend, which meant that my staff and I worked all weekend – unprecedented in the annals of chamber history.

Friday saw me leaving the office at ten-thirty am to go pick up a trunk-full of ad journals, then hauling them up to Milford, NJ, which is situated right on the Delaware River, not far, actually, from where George Washington crossed it all those years ago. When I got to the winery where the festival was taking place it was around noon. I had had no lunch and I had dressed for rainy weather. It was ninety and humid. Since this was an outdoor event, there were tents was set up with plastic sides, which meant that the inside was like a steam bath.

The co-sponsor of the event was already there and half set up already. Still, there was a lot to be done. We had a gala dinner that night under the big tent – which is when the rains came. And came. And came. At one point a woman got out of her car at the front flap of the tent, sunk to her ankles in the water-logged grass, and decided to leave her shoes in the car.

After dinner the gals and I bussed tables and got the tent ready for the next day when it would be used for the children’s activities. I slept like the dead that night and woke up stiff from all the heavy lifting. It was only day two, though.

We were at the vineyard by eight that morning to drape and skirt about a hundred tables for the vendors to set up. The festival was to open at noon. At eleven the skies opened and again the dirt road leading from the registration table to the wine tasting itself turned into a mudslide.

Luckily the rain had stopped by eleven-thirty and we were able to finish setting up by the time the first ticket holders started showing up, which was good. Halfway through the day someone backed into my car, which was bad. Luckily there wasn’t much damage done and their insurance will pay for everything. My insurance shouldn’t go up, but as Officer Garcia noted while taking the woman away in cuffs, “This is Jersey, so who knows?” Thanks, Officer!

Sunday dawned about as gray and soggy as Saturday had. My legs had further stiffened overnight but the rain cleared early on and we even saw some sun that day, thank God. The grounds of the vineyard dried out some and we had a good crowd, but just when we were starting to breath easy the rains came AGAIN. Luckily it wasn’t a deluge like on Saturday, but the drizzle just wouldn’t stop. I’ve never been so muddy and sweaty or exhausted in my whole life.

One good thing, it was mine and the Beast’s second wedding anniversary yesterday so I took the day off work. Everyone else had to come in. We stayed over one more night at the Chestnut Hill Inn. The plan was to head to Flemington and shop a little or see a movie. No dice. I was so shot we got up late, had breakfast at the Station House, then drove home, got yelled at by Pumpy who was thoroughly annoyed at our lack of attention to her needs over the last three days, ate lunch at Senorita’s a new Mexican place in Bloomfield (which was fab, by the way), watched three episodes of Rescue Me on DVD, and basically hung out and relaxed. I never thought I’d say it, but I was so thankful to have a regular workday to come in to this morning.

While I was gone some interesting stuff happened. Britney took her hillbilly look one step further by appearing in public in curlers, baby on hip, bump on full display. The only thing missing is her cigarette and drink from a few days ago.

Also, it has been confirmed that pictures of Baby Shiloh have been sold to People Magazine for $4.1 million dollars. I don't know how this picture could have appeared in Hello!, though, since I haven't seen anything on People's site about it, but who knows. Maybe it's a fake. At this point I kind of hope so. The baby below is not at Sean Preston's level of cuteness.

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