Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Star Jones: Just Plain Ugly.

You know, dear readers, that I always try to give my comments with a little dollop of love. Courtney Love knows there's no judgement when I call her a whore. And Nicole Kidman knows I'm saying it for her own good when I call her a chicken. These comments are meant to help guide them along life's path.

Yet, there is one person for whom I have no love. Star Jones, who will soon be leaving The View for greener pastures (i.e. the unemployment line) has never looked worse. Ever since she got all the fat sucked out of her she constantly looks pinched and frumpy and mishapen and just plain ugly. What is up with the agressive make-up? Do you have any eyebrows left? What is that weird plastic-y flower pinned to your once-heaving bosom? It's kind of freaking me out. And strapless? On a woman with such heft to her girls? Why would you do that to yourself?

It's bad, Star. Very, very bad. It's so bad that I have no love for you. Sorry.

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