Friday, June 23, 2006

Ugly Is Ugly

Sarah Jessica Parker showed up at The Devil Wears Prada movie premiere not wearing Prada, but also not wearing anything that resembled a nice-looking outfit, either.

It's almost as bad as when she was being dressed by that crazy Pat Fields. I mean, what are the bunches at her waist? What is the zig-zag design of this thing? What are the bits of black lace popping up out of her cleavage? And speaking of the cleavage, why is it imprisoning her girls in an iron-maiden like corset squeeze?

About the only things I like on this hideous mockery of a dress are the sleeves. I don't know who designed it (although I should because I read it somewhere recently), but ugly is ugly and the fact that she probably paid a shitload of money for it doesn't change that. All it does is illustrate the point that money can't buy taste.

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