Friday, July 14, 2006

Musical Pretension

Hating as I already do all things Justin Timberlake ('Timberlake'? What kind of name is that? How were you the classy one in your breakup with Britney? Why does your music have to suck so bad?), you can imagine my revulsion at seeing this picture of him performing in London, wearing this God-awful excuse for a hat.

I am so sick of this hat, people. I've seen it on Britney herself, Ashton Kutcher and a score of other A-listers who think they're 'cool' for having such a natty sense of style.

Can I be honest with you? The hat makes you look pretentious. Like, "I totally don't care how I look so I put this hat on because it's so out of style it's in, if you know what I mean. Besides my music/acting is so awesome that I simply rise above and the hat makes me distinctive. Word."

Pardon me while I vomit into the nearest trash recepticle.

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