Monday, July 17, 2006

Savapalooza 2006

Savapaloozas have been going on for about twenty years and now, finally, with the help our brand new digital camera I can show the world our rockin' party. It's funny. In years past things would start up at two pm and wind down at about two am. I guess it's only fitting then that the last one really exemplifies how things change. A few years ago our friends started to have kids and now, with the kiddies around, we still have a good time, but it's lower key. The last guest was gone by nine-thirty and by ten I was asleep. Definitely easier to recover from a night like that.

So here are the pics. Sorry to interrupt the celeb-bashing, but for friends and fam who've been waiting for this how could I refuse?

The guys: Kevin, Woody, Sal, & Nick

Regan, 4, and Camryn, 18 months, living it up!

Julie and Josie, getting ready to hit the pool!

Regan and Josie, swimming like fish!

Post-pool: Wrinkly Feet!

Sal, toward the end of the night, kicking back.

Joe and Kevin, hanging out.

Yours truly, about to get in trouble for feeding the cat some contra-band table food.
Sal caught me in the act!

The next day was sad. We helped the Beast's parents pack up the house and get ready for movers to come this morning and take all their stuff to their new house in North Carolina. We'll miss you!!

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