Monday, August 21, 2006

Biding Our Time

Here's Britney at the Teen Choice Awards last night. She intro'd her husband, K'Fed's, television debut. Pretty smokin', eh?

And here's her squirrely, pimp-wannabe, fashion-challenged, husband, K'Fed, "rapping" for the first time ever on T.V.

You would think that someone as hot as she can be when she makes an effort would instinctively know that she could do better. Maybe she's just got really low self-esteem and she's one of those girls who think she deserves to be embarrassed by her significant other because she wasn't loved enough as a child.

On the other hand, this is Britney Spears we're talking about and if anything she probably got too much love as a child. Anyone who acts like she does has a misplaced sense of confidence from something ...

I can't wait until she pops out this kid, and gets back into killer shape, and all of a sudden she'll be able to actually attract the attention of a guy who doesn't so strongly resemble a reptile. K'Fed will be gone faster than you can say "pre-nup settlement".

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