Monday, November 06, 2006

Another Reason to Vote Tomorrow

My local ABC affiliate went undercover this week and found that recruiters were lying to their prospective recruits.

Mt. Vernon, NY recruiter: "We're like we're not at war, war ended a long time ago."

Student: "Will I be going to war?"
Recruiter: "I would say your chances would be slim to none."

Recruiter: "We almost welcome being shot at because it helps us identify where they are shooting from ..."

Elizabeth, NJ recruiter: "I like Subway sandwiches and salads. I watched the news yesterday, a guy got killed at Subway."

Patchogue recruiter: "You have a 10-times greater chance of dying out here on the roads than you do dying in Iraq."

Mt. Vernon recruiter: "I'd rather be hit by a car instead of getting hit by a bomb, what's the difference. Your not living, your dead. That sucker is gone it's a wrap."

Student: "Aren't people still being shipped out?"
New Jersey recruiter: "Naw, they bringing people back."
Student: "Nobody is going out to Iraq anymore?"
Recruiter: "Naw, we bringing people back."

Yonkers recruiter: "As long as you don't choose a job in this area, you don't have to worry about going over there."

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