Monday, December 04, 2006

happy freaking holidays

So, okay. You know how I hate to complain. But the recent lack of posts has coincided with a particularly bad week in my life. First, and least important, my car got hit again. This is the fourth time in less than a year, and each time it gets hit, the damage is worse than the last time. Thanksgiving weekend my neighbor backs out of his driveway, in his van, right into the car. The front, driver’s side quarter panel is crushed, so it has to go into the shop. Enterprise gives me a free upgrade so I’m now tooling around New Jersey in a PT Cruiser, the car that was cool for the least amount of time ever.

And, much worse, a very good friend from back home died last week, and I didn’t even know she was sick. The people who should have told me apparently forgot to. The story goes like this: three weeks ago she was given six months to live. She’d had a history of cancer and had put up a really good fight and had been doing well for quite a while. Then it came back. On Wednesday of last week my cousin told me the news in case no one else had – they hadn’t. I planned to call that Saturday, but on Friday I found out that she’d already passed away.

So. It’s been a suck-fest of a week and to top it all off, TV is full of bullshit holiday claptrap with fake Santas and Jenny McCarthy trying to act while wearing clothes. It’s exhausting and I’m sad.

I’ll post again when I’m feeling up to it. Until then, happy freaking holidays.

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