Friday, December 29, 2006

Travelog & Catch Up

Oy. So we're back from our trek down to North Carolina and let me just say: it's good to be home. Pumpkin and Trixie are pleased to have us back, but more than anything, it's nice to sleep in our own bed.

While down there we caught some of Kathy Griffin's standup on Bravo and I have to admit, it was pretty freaking hilarious. And today, while checking my usual sites I see this little piece on Patricia Heaton (Ray Romano's ultra conservative TV wife). Kathy told an audience:
"The whole gay issue, I gotta tell you - when I hear Patricia talking her bull---- and saying it's not in the Bible that gay people should be together - those are the pieces of information that I can't forget about," said Kathy. "Patty Heaton has the gayest makeup person you've ever seen," Kathy told the audience. "I can't get beyond it. It's the hypocrisy."

I love it. Nothing like a little truth. And if this outfit is is any indication, she needs some serious Queer Eye.

In other news, Julie Roberts is prego and Saddam is dead and down in hell with Satan to live happily ever after. The circle of life, eh?

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