Friday, January 12, 2007

The Surge

I didn't get off work in time to join my UU Congregation on the corner of Church St. and Bloomfield Avenue in Montclair last night, but I was with them in spirit. They were protesting the Surge.

The rocket into the US Embassy in Athens will probably not have the intended effect (unless that effect was Bush saying, "Well now we're definitely going!").

I guess my thing is this: if I thought a troop surge of 20,000 more kids would do something that would be one thing. But they're talking about extending tours and eliminating time off for the people who've been there a while and that can only lead to added stress, exhaustion, and the greater liklihood of PTSD.

Not that the kids fresh off the boat will be great. They're young, inexperienced, and poorly educated (not in all cases, but in this county it has been a fact of life since Vietnam that the poor fight our wars, not the planners of the wars, just the grunts in the field).

It's people like these that had a great deal to do with Abu Graib. They didn't have the proper training, they were under-educated for the job at hand and things got out of control very quickly.

But back to the topic at hand: the Surge. Like I said, if I thought it would help things I might support it, but when the generals on the ground are questioning it I have to think that this is one more moment in Bush's presidency when he's taking advice (orders?) from Cheney without really taking into account all of the ramifications.

I am worried. And if you're not, like the bumper sticker says, I don't think you're paying attention.

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