Monday, March 12, 2007

300 Has 3rd Best R-Rated Opening Weekend EVER

And while all you Johnnie-Come-Latelies were drooling over my long-term movie-boyfriend, Gerard Butler, I was re-watching one of his earlier films where he starred as the sensitive, nameless love-interest in a little flick I like to call, "Dear Frankie".

I can't give you too much grief, though. Even Gerard went to see 300:

I hope he enjoys the last few minutes of anonymity because it won't be long before he can't go anywhere without being mobbed by the ladies, hat and sunglasses or no hat and sunglasses. I feel I must echo TMZ, which is where I stole this photo, and lament the fact that he chose to where a shirt to the movies. I'm sure they would have made an exception for that stupid rule if they'd known he was going to be there . . .

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