Sunday, March 18, 2007

Supermodel to Super Maid

Tomorrow is a big day for Naomi Campbell because it's when she starts her five-day community service with the New York Department of Sanitation. From TMZ:

She'll be mopping floors across the Big Apple as punishment for her attack on maid Ana Scolavino.

Sanitation boss Albert Durell told the New York Daily News that he hopes that she'll "know not to come in high heels or anything like that. Sneakers and blue jeans are a good idea. Wearing Manolos is not."

Eager to prove she's over pelting others with BlackBerries, Campbell says that the clothes she wears while performing community service will be auctioned for charity.

Yeah, that's what I want...your gross, smelly outfit once you're done cleaning public toilets in it. No thanks. Still, the image of this woman cleaning toilets is pretty awesome. Maybe next time she'll keep her phone to herself.

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