Thursday, April 19, 2007

A Night At the Opera

When I was a little kid my cousins and I would watch Marx Bros. movies over and over and over and OVER again. We had very long attention spans back then.

One of our absolute favorites was A Night At the Opera with Margaret Dumont and goat-beard guy (see above for goat-beard's picture) and the wonderful, amazing Kitty Carlisle. It was one of the very first musicals that we watched that we didn't fast-forward through all the slow songs. She had an incredible voice and on top of that perfect comic timing. She was a perfect leading lady, a sympathetic friend and a great straight-man.

I'm sad that she's gone, but thinking of those times at grandma's house watching Go West and A Night In Casablanca and ANATO I'm really getting very excited about my trip home this weekend. I haven't been back since my grandpa's funeral back in February and I can't wait to see everyone again, this time for a much more happy reason.

My little sister is getting married (sniff, sniff!) and it's her bridal shower this Saturday. Yay! Here comes the big family wedding!

I love you, Colleen, and I'll be seeing you soon!

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