Thursday, April 12, 2007

Where Have All Her Big Girl Shoes Gone?

According to Star Magazine (obviously, one of the best investigative news magazines around), Tom Cruise is so self-conscious of being such a shorty that he's started stealing Katie's shoes and getting rid of them.
"Katie says she'll look for some of her favorite high heels and when she can't find them, she'll ask tom about it," the friend says. "he'll say, ‘oh, Lee Anne [tom's sister] wanted to borrow them.' and then, for some reason, they never turn up again."

The source adds that when Katie asks Lee Anne about the shoes, she says she doesn't know what Katie's talking about. "but Katie doesn't call Tom out on it - she just shrugs and says, 'well, he's given me another reason to go shopping for another pair!' " (Tom's representative denies that Tom takes Katie's shoes, telling star this is "completely false.").
Well, of course the rep denies it. What are they going to say? "Tom can't handle being shorter than any woman he's dating/married to and so he bullies them into never wearing heals and if that doesn't work he'll stoop to stealing?

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