Monday, April 16, 2007

The Yay Factor

Yay Number One: I got a pedicure this weekend and for the first time since the fall I was able to leave the salon with my flip-flops on. Yay! Spring is here! You know, if you ignore the torrential downpour and coastal flooding we're currently experiencing.

Yay Number Two: I just received a week's worth of groceries DELIVERED to my HOUSE. Yes. You read that right. will take your order, bag it, and deliver it to you, usually by the next day. Can you fracking dig it?!

I am in no way associated with Stop & Shop, except that I love this new service so very much. I didn't know it at the time, but first time customers get ten bucks off (which, coincidentally is how much they charge for delivery), you just add the word "delivery" in the space for coupons.

Cold stuff arrives cold, produce is fresh, they attach an itemized list of what you ordered, etc. It's like the next best thing to having a butler.

In case you're wondering, this is one of the pictures that came up when I Googled "groceries". I think he might be having a party later.

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