Thursday, May 03, 2007

So Long, Farewell.

The CW announced today that Girls of Gilmore will not be returning next season. In true Gilmore fashion, I've decided to make a little list:

Pros of cancellation:
1.) The April Storyline? HATED. IT.
2.) Christopher? Lorelai married Christopher?
3.) Logan makes me sick. If Rory marries him, she'll be the wife of a tool.
4.) I didn't think they could eff up the Luke/Lorelai stuff any worse and then Lorelai MARRIED CHRISTOPHER.
5.) No more Liz, T.J. and Doola? Yay!
6.) Is G.G. even a freaking character?
7.) Did I mention that Lorelai? Married CHRISTOPHER?

Cons of cancellation:
1.) Love Paris Gellar. I want a spin-off: Paris Gellar, M.D.
2.) Love Michel.
3.) Love Sookie.
4.) Love Emily.
5.) Love Lane.
6.) No more Friday Night Dinners? Sadness.
7.) No more TWoP recaps? More sadness.

Huh. I guess I'm pretty even-steven. Indifferent, if you will. Totally don't care.

I will say that Lauren Graham kicked ASS this week with her karaoke. There was more chemistry there in three minutes than in all of last season. So, I'll miss moments like that, but they've been pretty few and far between.

Bye-bye, ladies. I'll miss you, but I've got the DVDs of the good seasons so I'm good.

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