Sunday, July 01, 2007

Wedding Pictures - Finally!

I finally got some pictures of Colleen's wedding. Since it's not often that we're all spiffed up I thought I'd post them for posterity.

Here's the immediate family lined up before the ceremony. From left to right it's the Beast, yours truly, Michael, Colleen, Matt, Mom and Dad.

And here's the extended family: Cousin Bill and his wife, Kim, and Cousin Jennie, the Beast, me, Michael, Colleen, Matt, Mom, Dad and Aunt Kathy

The bride, Colleen, with her bridesmaids (I flat-out refuse to refer to myself as Matron-Of-Honor) all sort of squinting into the sun.

The mish-mosh receiving line afterward.

Colleen and Mom at the reception.

Mom & Dad at the reception looking pretty happy.

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