Sunday, August 12, 2007

The Devil Wears Prada

Simon Baker – eyebrows from another planet; where is the cute, charming guy from Something New?

Anne Hathaway – beautiful, big-eyed loveliness

Meryl Streep – silver hair? Miranda Priestly would go with platinum all the way. She can effing ACT, though.

Emily Blunt – pretty fabulous

Stanley Tucci – pretty fabulous, too

Adrien Grenier – shat upon constantly until the very end when he finally takes a stand.

Fashion – Divine. Like watching moving pictures from Vogue – which was the point, right?

The taxicab hit on Emily was stupid and a glaring departure from the book.

The subplot with Lilly was dropped, but it was probably for the better because it was kind of boring.

Best new word: Glamazon

The Payoff: No big Paris scene? The things Andy says to Miranda in the book are freaking AWESOME. That Andy just walks away in the movie without telling Miranda what a shitbag she is? I can’t believe it.

Except that in the movie Miranda isn’t the shitbag she was in the book, which I think is something of a failing. You don’t ever really feel Andy’s pain in the movie the way you did about her pain in the book. In the book you were her, trapped by Chanel, cornered by Jimmy Choo. Terrorized by Miranda Priestly.

Overall it was fun, but not what it could have been.

Two and a half buckets of popcorn

Image Source: Rotten Tomatoes

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