Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Driving Lessons

Want proof that Rupert Grint isn't just another Weasley? Rent Driving Lessons and discover that Harry Potter's best friend can act (unlike, well ... Harry Potter).

Rupert plays Ben, a quiet kid with bad mom and a meek Dad who goes to work for a retired actress played by Julie Walters (she also plays Rupert's mother, Mrs. Weasley in the Potter films). The actress, Dame Eve, gets him to relax a bit and stop worrying so much about following the rules.

The movie isn't art, but it's a solid 2 1/2-3 star movie that I really liked. Parts of it were predictable, but much of it was really good. If you liked Dear Frankie, I think you'll enjoy this, too.

Image Source: The CIA.

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