Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Paris Hilton is such a scamp!

This poster was put up on Paris Hilton's front gate. In case you can't read it, I'll help you out:


Age: 3 in dog years
Weight: Anorexic
Eyed: Dilated
Coat: Spotted/Freckled
Breed: Freckle-Bellied Cokewhore Terrier

My dog was last seen on the morning of July 24, 2007 chasing cars in Santa Monica. She will answer to the call of: Lilo, L Squared, Lo Hoe and Dime Bags, 2 for 10 dollars. She was also last seen carrying her favorite boys: a little white bag we call her “doggy bag” ad her favorite black ankle bracelet. Please come home!


If you have any information, please call — or go to —

All the change in my couch will be offered for the information leading to the safe return of my dog.”

Hilarious? Yeah, definitely.

A little below the belt? Perhaps.

Do we care? No, not at all.

Originally posted by: Just Jared
Image Source: Dlisted

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