Saturday, September 01, 2007

A Joyous Labor Day Weekend

What a freaking weekend. I left work early on Friday and drove up to Ballston Spa, NY to hang with my girl, Joy.

We had a late lunch at the Whistling Kettle (I had the San Souci Tea Lunch, which includes a salad, tea sandwiches, a scone with Devonshire cream, and a tall glass of iced tea, and Joy had a Panini with a salad), and then we picked up Katherine from daycare and headed for Sunset Cafe.

Here she is concentrating on some artwork.

Sunset is a great little restaurant with excellent food (I recommend the Corn Chowder) and a great bartender. We got some fries and a beer each while we waited for Matt to meet us. Matt arrived at about five and took Katherine home with him. After several more drinks, we drove to Danielle's, an old friend of Joy's who was throwing herself a Mexican-themed birthday party. On the way there, Becky discovered Katherine's magic wand in the back seat and practiced her spellwork.

Being familiar with the concept of throwing oneself a birthday party, I could totally relate and we threw ourselves in the celebration. I had no idea beer pong was so difficult! Actually, I mostly watched and took pictures of Becky, who had a little fun with the fake Mexican mustaches everywhere.

At about twenty after eight we headed to Fifty South to sing karaoke where, they tell me, I rocked.

We ate and drank and had a great time until they closed down. It was a blast.

Becky dropped us off around two and we fell asleep very quickly thereafter. Before I headed up to bed, though, I grabbed an Aleve and I am so glad I did.

On Saturday morning we rolled out of bed around nine-thirty. I haven't slept in like that in ages. After hitting Coffee Planet for breakfast we headed over the Medberry Inn for mineral baths, after which we strolled through the farmers market where I found a cute little cactus plant.

Fingers crossed it won't commit suicide like all the others...

Then it was back home for some down time, a little Princess Diana commemorative coverage on the WE channel, a power nap, and a conversation about making Joy a t-shirt quilt.

For dinner we went to Carrabba's and had some fabulous pasta.

They made me a delicious citrontini that inspired us to hit Target (conveniently situated right next door) for a couple of martini glasses and a shaker to boot. Then it was back home for homemade 'tinis and a movie.

The next morning I woke up at what felt like the crack of dawn to drive home. Overall, a great, if exhausting, weekend. Can't wait for the next one.

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