Tuesday, September 11, 2007

3 Things About 9/11 That Still Really Piss Me Off

1.) The victims in NY who died that day have never really received a proper burial. It's shameful and disrespectful of the dead and their families. I didn't lose a family member, but I lost a friend who was a really good guy. He was married to a very cool woman and they had a young son and another on the way. He doesn't deserve this, and they don't deserve it either.

2.) Osama is still alive and well enough to be sending us tapes encouraging us to convert. What the hell happened in Afghanistan when we had him surrounded? Clearly we dropped the ball. We didn't send enough people or the right equipment or something, and the bottom line is that he's still out there.

3.) No where in our current rhetoric is there language that addresses our plans for Osama. We're so busy with our disaster in Iraq that the guy who actually is responsible for the shit that went down in New York and Washington and Pennsylvania is allowed to stay in the public eye as much as he wants.

These are the things that still really piss me off.

Image Source: Cojoweb.

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