Saturday, January 26, 2008

Ani DiFranco

I have been a huge Ani DiFranco fan for years and years. When we lived in Savannah, the Beast got tickets for my birthday, but she had a death in the family so the show was canceled.

She's not terribly mainstream so it's not often that she plays, but we've been keeping our ears out for another tour, and sure enough she played last night in Atlantic City, and for Christmas the Beast got tickets!

The show was amazing, and we ended up staying the night, and the room we got faced the ocean!

If I could live within sight of the ocean for the rest of my life I could be very happy.

Here's the pic I took of Ani on stage last night:

And this is what she looks like since that didn't turn out very well:

It was a night to remember, for realsies.


Lindsay said...

You would want to live by the ocean but would never set foot in the ocean hehe!

Glad you got to see Ani!

Kate said...

That's right! I want to SEE it but not TOUCH it. LOL!!!

Lindsay said...

I want to live by the ocean too! That would be great. Wanna move to Hawaii?

Joan said...

Wow, Kate, I have never heard of this performer - Ani Defranco - before and in today's local paper I find an entire article devoted to her. I guess she is playing in Albany tonight. If you hadn't mentioned her I wouldn't have read the article!

Kate said...

As the article probably mentioned she's kind of this folky, angry, bi-sexual feminist who plays about twelve different kinds of guitar and kicks major ass in the vocals department. Whenever I've had a really bad day at the office I can sing along with Ani and feel better almost immediately. It's like participating in the primal scream. But she can also be impossibly delicate with her voice, too. I'll make you a cd.