Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Happy Birthday, Joyous!

Today is my friend Joy's birthday and since she's the best friend a girl could have here's a little retrospective of the friendship:

At my 30th birthday party. I was so bummed that I we didn't take a group picture that night, but at least I got one with Joy.

A silly self-portrait with my old Pink Razr. I'm pretty sure we were lying on the floor of Joy's living room when this was taken, and I'm also pretty sure it was well after one in the morning.

At the wedding - this is one of two pictures I have digitally from the wedding (the other is over there on the right) and it always makes me smile.

So happy day, J, and here's to another ten years of wicked awesome friending. You RAWK.


Joy said...

Thanks Kate! Been a pretty awesome day so far!

Lindsay said...

That was a great post :)
Happy Birthday to Joy