Saturday, January 19, 2008

Little Katherine Turns Four

The Birthday Girl decided we would go to Friendly's for lunch and while I was very good and had a salad I did in the end decide to go ahead and get a little ice cream for dessert. It's Friendly's after all. Unfortunately I'm afraid I indulged a teensy bit too much and ended up flat on my back groaning with a full belly.

Luckily, I recovered in time to give Kat her birthday present, a trunk full of dress up clothes:

Examining each bead



This was taken as we were getting ready to leave for dinner. Kat decided that she would wear her new ensemble out and pair it with her posh Cinderella pink coat. She was stylin'.

At dinner, a heated game of go-fish, and a lollipop.

And later, Joyous and I singing a little Karaoke.


Deep In Conversation



Joy said...

Can't express how happy I am that you captured Go Fish at Sunset!

Kate said...

It was a MUST!

Joan said...

What a great present you gave Kat, Kate! Love the pics!

Lindsay said...

Awesome pics! That is a great present sounds perfect for Kat :) Also your hair looks awesome i haven't seen it since you got it cut.