Monday, January 14, 2008

Phone Love, or Almost A Felon

I am ridiculously and inordinately in love with my new phone, a BlackBerry (the new Pearl). Not that I just go around buying BlackBerries, of course. The pink razr was perfectly fine and wonderful until my Palm Pilot crashed on the table with no signs of life. So, since work was paying, I decided to splurge and see about something that would give me a phone and my calendar and my contacts.

So I got the BlackBerry and love it. No, really. I lurrrrrve it.

And I was left the pink razr, in perfectly good condition, but with no home.

(so sad)

So I immediately thought of Joyous, whose own pink razr met her demise in the bowels of the museum's toilet. A sad end for such a good phone.

When I asked Joy if she wanted my pink razr to somehow and inadequately replace her beloved Pinky she jumped at the chance so I wrapped it up with the charger and put it in a padded envelope, all ready to be mailed, and gave it to the Beast to send.


I sort of forgot to turn it off, and of course the battery wore down a teensy bit, so while the Beast was transporting it from our house to the Post Office something in the car started to beep.

And beep.

And beep.

The Beast tore the car apart and finally ripped open the padded envelope to discover the pink razr with a very low sad battery, beeping away.

Thank God he hadn't delivered it to the Post Office before the battery started to beep. I can only image how quickly the police would have shown up at our place after one of their packages started beeping. Probably I wouldn't have been arrested, but possibly I would be a felon by now.

Let's just say I'll be hand-delivering the phone at this point and thanking my lucky stars for the delay in getting it to the Post Office


Joy said...

LOVE it!

Kate said...

only 'cuz you asked for it!!

Kristen said...

Ha! That is hilarious! (Unless you are Kevin and thinking that somebody is going to blow up the car.) I had a dream about you the other night Kate. I can't remember what it was about, but I do remember that you were in it and you looked fabulous.

Kate said...

I LOVE when I look fabulous in dreams!!!