Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Downfall Of The Cowboys - Hitler Die-hard Cowboys Fan

Has anyone else seen this? I didn't even really watch the superbowl so I don't understand all the references but I'm still on the floor laughing.

Gratuitous shout-out to Woody for the link!


savvy said...

Hilarious - although I must point out, the clip is lifted from a tremendous movie, Der Untertang (The Downfall) a 2004 film set in the last days of Hitler, holed up in his bunker with a small group of people. The lead actor is tremendous, and the director also did a film called the Experiment, based ona true experiment in prisoner treatment, in which a test group was broken into prisoners and guards, and left to inhabit those roles. The experiment was soon called off, due to the abuse given by the guards to the prisoners. Human nature, eh?


Kate said...

true dat.