Sunday, February 24, 2008

Separated at Birth?

Jeffrey Dean Morgan - Recently seen on Grey's Anatomy as Izzie's doomed lover Denny, then as the father of those two boys who fight demons, and finally on the arm of Mary Louise Parker.

Javier Bardem - recently seen as the cold-blooded killer in that movie the Coen Brother's did based on that book by Cormac McCarthy. No Country For Dead Men. Or Old Men. Something like that.

Different career paths. Exactly the same face.


Joy very astutely pointed out that Robert Downey, Jr. also shares a face with these two:

Is all of Hollywood starting to look the same or are these three long lost triplets?


Joy said...

Doesn't Robert Downey, Jr. kind look like them too?

Lindsay said...

wow they do have the same face!

Kate said...

Joy, you're so right. I'm adding a third pic.

Lindsay said...

robert downey looks like a hunk in that pic! and yes all the same face. weird.

Becky said...

The twins and I were watching the Oscars last night and when we saw Javier's scruffy look we all said, "Denny!"
Weird that you thought that too.

Kate said...

I totally thought it was when I saw him there, too! I was like, where's Mary Louise? HA!

Kristen said...

All I have to say is "YUM!"

ok, really it's "YUM, YUM, YUM."


savvy said...

Okay, I clearly am not following the same line of thinking as you ladies, but my thought is regarding Jeffrey Dean Morgan. As you pointed out, he's a dying guy on Grey's, the father of Sam and Dean on Supernatural, who in the show is currently trapped in hell because he made a deal with a demon to save his son, and the deceased father/husband on Weeds. this guy needs to have a talk with his agent, maybe get a role where his character, oh, I don't know, maybe gets to stay alive, on earth, with a babe. (Katherine and Mary Louise are both, to steal a phrase, YUMMY, but not if you're dead!!