Sunday, March 09, 2008

A Good Cause

I don't know how many of you have been directed to by me, but I've been reading her blog YEARS and am usually pretty enthusiastic about what I find there.

She's a writer and actress living in Los Angeles, trying to make the Hollywood thing work, and in her spare time she's hilarious and a do-gooder.

Her most recent do-goodery is the Dewey Donation System, which is basically a book drive for under-funded libraries. It's amazing and awesome and I highly recommend that you follow my example and donate some books.

It's all Amazon-based, so it's easy to browse the lists and donate at whatever level you're comfortable giving at. I donated four X-Men comics at $3.99 each. It wasn't a fortune, but it's what I can afford and I know that some kid is going to have a greater chance at growing up with a love of reading because of it.

Don't you want to make a difference, too? You know you do.

You know you want to be cool like me and donate.

ETA: I finally found one of my favorite pamie-posts. Enjoy

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Lindsay said...

You're so cool.