Friday, March 14, 2008

The Palladinos Are Back (But Not In A Good Way)

It's been a year since Gilmore Girls left the airwaves (with much gnashing of teeth over what creator Amy Sherman-Palladino did to our beloved characters before bailing because of contract problems with the studio), and the husband-wife producing/writing team is back with a new, more traditional sitcom called The Return of Jezebel James.

I won't get into the premise because it's pretty stupid, but I will link to the review I just read by Alan Sepinwall. What a shame that the incredibly talented cast is wasted on such a turd.

ETA: Even Lauren and Parker know enough to look worried.


Lindsay said...

Ha, she got Scott Cohen back? Too funny! They will never be as good as when they did Gilmore Girls.

Kate said...

Yeah, seeing Scott Cohen in the cast was like extra turn off. My thought was, "Not Max Medina!"


Lindsay said...

yeah and his character will probably be just like max. blech!