Thursday, March 13, 2008

Teeny Tiny

Because of the new cell phone law here in Jersey that makes is a primary offense to be caught driving and talking/texting, I lasted a week before breaking down and buying an ear piece for my phone.

Unfortunately, because I've got this fancy new BlackBerry, the regular old ear pieces don't fit very well and I was forced to buy a BlueTooth. Understand, before I actually had to buy one I didn't really know what a BlueTooth was. All I knew was that they were used by incredibly obnoxious people who enjoy disturbing others with their loud, public, hands-free cell phone conversations.

Turns out it's just a wireless ear piece. It was more expensive than I wanted but there wasn't much I could about it. I bought the cheapest one they had and it's working out okay for me.

The one problem is that it looks like this:

See the loop that goes over your ear? Well, it's sort of one-size-fits-all and unfortunately, my ears are teeny tiny so it kind of keeps falling off my head, which makes for some seriously distracted and erratic driving.


1 comment:

Lindsay said...

haha i think i would have the same problem! stuff doesn't fit on my ears either.