Sunday, April 06, 2008

24 Hours of Ballston Spa

Arrival: 11:30 am.

First Order of Business: Lunch at the Whistling Kettle and some serious catch up talk. I love that Joy and I have this little tradition and no matter what else happens during my trips we always start at the Kettle.

After lunch we went shopping where we found this incredibly fabulous raincoat for little Katherine. Here she is modeling:
After we picked Kat up from daycare it was off to Sunset for dinner and more posing:

Kate, Kat & Joy

Kat & Joy

Joy & Kate

After the posing we had some hair-time:
Here's Becky doing Kat's hair.

And Kat doing Becky's hair.

After Sunset it was time for Karaoke at 50 South. It was pretty dead (probably because it was drizzly and cold out), so I got to sing a LOT. The best part was people watching, though.

For instance, here's Fatass McSingsreallybad on the dance floor:

And here she is hiking up her jeans:
Such a lady.

We got home around two-thirty and slept pretty soundly until nine. After a quick breakfast at Coffee Planet (which I ALWAYS call The Daily Planet) we did mineral baths at Medberry and were back at Joy's by eleven. I popped in to grab my bag and was on the road, funnily enough, right at eleven-thirty.

It was twenty-four hours of awesomeness and I can't wait to do it again.


Joy said...

TOTALLY forgot about Fatass McSingsreallybad! She was so interesting to watch.

Lindsay said...

lol your post always make me laugh! Im glad you had a great time :)
And one day we are gonna sing Where you Lead haha

Kristen said...

oh, my. Those pics from karaoke are pretty horrifying. It looks like there was some serious ass crack hanging out. And is she dancing with some guy doing the cabbage patch in the second photo? What's with Mr. Myelbowsdontbend?

mp said...

Sorry I missed you, Kate!

Joy said...

Actually, I think the individual she is dancing with is female.

Kate said...

Sorry you couldn't make it mp - hope you're feeling better.

The woman Fatass McSingsreallybad is dancing with was definitely a woman...because her boyfriend the dorkiest dork alive was singing.

Good times.

Becky said...

Holy crap I almost peed when I got to the pic and name of Fatass McSingsreallybad. Aaahaha. You should have added that she is also missing one of her front teeth. A face shot probably would have pushed me over the edge of bladder control.

Kate said...

I TOTALLY forgot about the missing teef.